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Diet Changes and Spinning Helped Lose Weight

Diet Changes and Spinning Helped Lose Weight

When I decided to start doing this diet all I was thinking was to get fit and healthy. I was weighting 94 kilos and for a medium size girl like me that wasnít quite appropriate I had recently seen my medical exams results and believe me, those numbers were quite frightening. My family has a tendency of diabetes so if I didnít loose 27 kilos and continue gaining weight; diabetes was quite a sure thing. At that moment I already had hypertension, and a very weak heart, so I wasnít very interested to start on a daily sport routine, regardless my friends and family advices. I used to think that maybe I could die suffocated on those treadmills.

So the easiest thing I thought I would be able to do was a diet. I love eating and cooking so you can imagine it wasnít quite easy after all. For some reason I cannot remember I couldnít go to the doctor so I researched and found a calorie table. According to my age height and weight, there was limit that I couldnít pass so I decided to make an effort and try keep my calories under that limit. You might think itís just something like calorie counting, but you have to remember that calories arenít the only fat gaining factor; there are a lot of things more. So I decided to stop eating all of the delicious and packed food and, how I knew how to cook I decided to cook everything that I was going to eat, reducing obvious fats from my diet, and decreasing my daily calories (I didnít go to a doctor so I practically invented everything). The first weeks I started noticing a change. Just by eating a bit healthier and in moderated portions I had already lost 5 kilos in 3 and half weeks. Amazing! I was starting to look and feel better and for me that was an awesome beginning. So I keep doing this for about 4-5 moths. And you can imagine the results. In that period I lost 15 kilos just by eating in a proper balanced way.
By reaching that point in a few months I felt wonderful, and I wanted to keep feeling that fine. I remembered I friend told me he was going to start doing spinning on Saturdayís mornings so I decided to join him. Even though I had already lost abut 17-18 kilos at that moment, my physical condition wasnít quite good at all. One thing everyone needs to know is that when you get fit by doing sports, you wonít get fat again unless you stop this habit that you slowly acquired, so I think this is one of the most efficient ways to loose weight and keep fit. Anyway, I started doing spinning with my friend and in 4 months I loosed 8 more kilos. The best thing of this is that I got in good shape, but not only this, I was actually stronger quicker and the best of this is that I was actually feeling full of energy. I wasnít getting tired by just going up the stairs!

And I havenít stopped doing spinning since then. Now Iím 25, 1.70 meters tall and weighting 65 kilos, have a good, not great shape, but still focused in getting everyday better and better, and most important of all, Iím happy with myself!

Itís all about making changes, and leaving the black and white way of thinking behind. Itís obvious that there are some days where all I wanted to do is to quit and eat all things I like. And of course there was some occasions when broke my diet, but thatís not a reason to stop doing it. So you mustnít stop doing it regardless how many times you think you canít go on. All you have to do is to try to start again, again and again. Thatís the only way you can achieve your goals. Hey!, even life works that way!


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