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80 pounds Post Partum Weight Loss

I was not over weighted always. But I gained the weight With my last baby. I gained around 75 pounds in my pregnancy period And I did not lose all of the weight, in fact through the years I put increasingly more on , after it. I was embarrassed about my weight therefore, I started staying away from people, stayed inside and ate even more. (cause I am habitual of eating even more when in tension)

The final straw was my school friendís 40th birthday and I did not go for fear of old friends seeing me. Whether they would or would not have recognized me was not the issue. Either way I would have been equally humiliated.
This was really tough time for me cause I am normally out-going and fun. I had turned into someone I didn't know. I had 80 pounds to lose.

I always keep thinking about how did I let this happen? Deep down I knew I was avoiding feelings and issues. I didn't know how to deal with many of them and I found comfort with food.

It was really hard to made myself for all this but the day had come...I was ready to deal with it . I was now in control of my life. This is where it all changes.

What all I needed to get started was Getting honest to myself. I accepted my problem and then opted a positive mental attitude about my problem. This helped me in Defeating procrastination and adopting a "do-it-know" approach.
This is what has worked for me. My choice for exercise is primarily walking and 14 minutes on the cycle. Since your body will get used to the same workout day after day, which in turn might cause the weight loss to slow down, switch your workout around. When that happens to me, I just switched from walking and cycling to stepping and simple crunches.

And moved to advanced workout after some time i.e. Around 6 weeks.

Since "fat" were my main enemy I limited them to 20 grams or less a day yes. I did that by reading those food labels. I eat less, try serving yourself on a small dish! Eat Smart and set some realistic GOALS.
I totally avoided fast food, fried food, or use salt. I drink at least 68 ounces of water per day so that leaves me no room for sodas or anything else (that's 2 big sports bottles full of water) No meds just vitamins.
These things along with determination and the continual love and support of my family made this journey easier.

If I can do this anyone can. You just have to care enough about you to make yourself a priority. I am thrilled with my success so far. I am still following a low-fat diet. I am still doing the exercises I was doing and believe me I am really happy with my results.

You people can try it as well and I am sure that you people will have the equal good results. One more thing I want to tell you.

There are no short cuts to success. You have to work on your body to get these results but one thing is for sure--- the results are much exciting than you can even think of.


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